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Project Management

“Plan for success” is a term that is often heard but rarely used or achieved.  In these times of economic uncertainty it is imperative that a company or organization achieves its bottom-line in order to survive in these times of financial uncertainty.  5 Stone Technologies has solutions for your organization in Program Management and Project Management.   Achieving successes for your company is the cornerstone of 5 Stones Technologies; exceeding requirements and meeting project deliverables on time,  and on schedule by managing the risk that could jeopardize project and program success.


Let 5 Stones Technologies plan for and maximize the success of your programs or projects by revealing and minimizing the risk of your programs and projects. Our teams of professionals have over 40 plus years of experience within the Department of Defense (DoD), State ,  Local government agencies and the private sector.  Meeting and overcoming challenges to organizational successes is the keys to our success.

  • Process Improvement

  • Program Integration

  • Systems Integration Deployments Regulatory Compliance Infrastructure Program Management

  • Cost Analysis and Reduction Initiatives Product Development

  • Progress Reporting 

  • Change Order Review and Negotiation 

  • Payment Requisition Auditing 

  • Budget Tracking 

  • Schedule Maintenance 

  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control 

  • Policy Review and Assessment 

  • Project Recovery/Risk Management 

  • Communication Change/Transformation Management

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