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Why Choose 5ST?

5ST Understands The Problem and Has A Solution

It is strange that the very nation in which internet and much of its related technology was invented should be the place in which the proliferation of its accessibility build-out would also be right here, in the good old US of A!  5ST has been intimately engaged with the citizenry, local and state governments in an effort to resolve America's Digital Divide.  We understand that as governing entities that it is not easy achieve all that is necessary for constituents to partake in the Gig-Economy as the obstacles seem unsurmountable at times.  5ST is the conduit by which that divide may be bridged with a private-public collaboration.  There is no need to wait for the powers to be to figure out how funding intended for the masses may be best disbursed through nepotism.


Time waits for no one.  Many local small municipalities and counties are further disenfranchised by the resulting delay of obtaining services as orchestrated at the state level should they wait for state backed providers.  5ST is all too familiar with this speed bump and has a solution to mitigate.  Make no mistake, 5STs singular mission is focused on digital inclusion which encompasses the main tenets of the broadband initiative (access to affordable service, access to affordable devices, support of internet services, training, broadband literacy, and availability of applications that provides for a cohesive delivery of all the aforementioned).


It has never been more important since the start of the digital age that we dispense with having to play catch-up.  That the eradication of the digital divide created by the inaccessibility of the internet and its offerings of telehealth, tele-work, tele-education, and e-commerce be fully realized by all communities; the removal of the digital divide provides the assurance that Community Anchor Institutions (CAI's) are fully serviced and 5ST believes this best accomplished via the deployment of our wireless network.  Continued failure to harness all that the Gig-Economy has to offer will handicap communities for decades to come undercut the revenue potential for local and state coffers all the while creating new good paying jobs and stable communities. 

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