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Logistics Management

5ST Logistics Department is comprised of a team of professionals well versed in the field of logistics, providing and delivering products and solutions “from cradle to the grave”; meaning we are more than capable of handling your logistic needs, from inception to disposal.  We work with you from the moment it is an idea state to the time of its economic and ecological disposal.  We understand the needs and concerns for having the products and services at the right place, right time and right cost.  We have experience in the commercial, federal and state government.  Working in concert with our technologies divisions  we will assess your current and future requirements and develop an integrated solution that will provide  for the integrity of your logistical business requirements while keeping you abreast of current and future technology trends that will impact your competitive edge.​

  • Product Support Management

  • Maintenance Planning

  • Manpower & Personnel

  • Supply Support

  • Support & Test Equipment

  • Training & Training Support

  • Technical Documentation

  • Computer Resources Support Facilities

  • Packaging, Handling and Transportation (PHS&T )

  •  Design Interface

  •  Transportation Logistics Process Management

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