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New York Office

Information Technology & Telecommunications 
Consulting Services

5 ST (5 Stones Technologies) delivers best in class consulting services in Information Network Engineering, Information Technology (IT), SATCOM & Telecommunication,  Project Management, Logistics Management and other related services to local & state government entities as well as federal and private sectors.

Our Services

Our Services

Providing Our Clients Best In Class Services & Solutions

IT & Network Engineering

5ST Networking Engineering Department has 50 plus years of combined experience in Network architecting, management and operations


Specializing in Earth Terminals and Mobile satellite communications systems.

Cyber Security

Securing the digital frontier for business, national defense and every day common transactions.

Project Management

Cost, Schedule, Performance and Risk Management at its best.

Logistics Management

Tracking, shipping, storing and material management throughout the lifecycle.

Audio/Visual & Security Systems

Connecting business using enhance Audio\Video and securing corporate assets with state-of-the-art Security Systems.

Block Chain

Forging the security of the digital realm from logistics to the financial sector and DoD interests.

Ready to find out more?

Feel free to browse our capability statement by clicking the button below.  Naturally, if you would like to coordinate a call or simply reach out to request additional information, fill out the form below.

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